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Various Links to Recordings

230814 GPE NAM 2.0 + G77 vs G7+NATO+OECD+WEF

230805 RTM Kadar bunga redakan inflasi?

230703 AstroAwani Nilai matawang ringgit menjunam

230620 Khoo Hsu Chuang: Facing war, stagnation, food insecurity, etc.

230531 LSE Malaysian Futures?

230427 Contextualizing Rents – An interview

230328 APM Globalisation, War, Non-alignment and Malaysia

230327 Oxbridge Society conversation about the economy

230225 IDEAS US policies driving world to war and depression

230216. Democracy Now! Global South Debt Crisis

Part 2: Rising U.S. Interest Rates Push Countries in Global South Toward Economic Collapse

230215 IDEAS Food systems worsening malnutrition crises

230208 G20-G7-BRICS nexus vs inclusive multilateralism @ POP Global Forum.

230202. CEPR The Impact of US Policy on the Global Economy.

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